Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Turning the Tide

32X40 pastel on board

This piece was difficult to say the least. Difficult and rewarding. I must have erased twice as much as I drew, and the matte board was bowed so much that I wanted to toss it out numerous times and start on a new one! But persistence pays off. I discovered again how much I love to create and what a humbling and challenging experience it is.

Artists at work!

Ever since Kristin gifted me a beautiful easel, we decided to turn our dining room into an art studio. Since that time it has been creation station. It has been great to finally work again and to have my children learning and creating along with me. The wall is full of their latest and greatest.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008


24X32 (Chalk on paper)

Music, sweet music. I suppose Coltrane had something to do with this one.

This piece is owned by Tyler Stillman in Florida.

As Scarlet

32x40 (pastel on board)

I completed this work around 9/11. Some saw a connection there. It was auctioned off at a health care benefit.

I do see this as a much more religious piece, thus the title. I have often wondered what the residents think when they see this. Hopefully it is moving to them.

This piece is located at Kolob Care Center in Cedar City, Utah


32X40 (pastel on board)

After the struggle comes the light. But even in the midst of the struggle we must find strength. Part of that strength is finding independence from the darkness around us, but in so doing, in order to overcome, we must rely on the divine.

This piece is owned by Amee Pierre in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Mom (for her)

32x40 (pastel on board)

The softness through the struggle, though intense, if we recognize and choose the divine.

This piece is owned by Deanne Jensen of Salt Lake City


32X40 (Pastel on board)

This was done as a gift for some family members. When they first saw it, one of them commented that it gave her the feeling of safety.

This piece is owned by David and Nicole Adsit in Eagle Mountain, Utah.


Triptych each work 32X40 (pastel on board)

This was a culmination of a semesters work while studying under Catherine Downing at UVU. She is an amazing artist and teacher. Authentic work and the processes to reach it should always be the focus, not worrying about the outcome, is what Catherine taught me. This piece was submitted in the Utah Art Open and was selected "Best of Show" in 2001. I finished it soon after Jeffrey was born. My thoughts about new life and change seem to dominate this piece.

This piece is owned by Jason Schlenske in Honolulu, Hawaii.


14X28 (colored pencil on paper)

Completed in 1996.

illustrative work

A sampling of various styles.

Military Patches

I had some fun with these. These are designed to be worn on a flight suit, for missileers.